Nils Nielsen

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    With the continuous development of faster and cheaper microprocessors the field of applications for digital control is constantly expanding. Based on this trend the paper at hand describes the analysis and implementation of multiple control laws within the same controller. Also, implemented within the control algorithm is a thermal monitoring scheme(More)
The results of a double-blind clinical trial of fengabine vs clomipramine in depressed outpatients are reported. Fengabine, a new GABAergic agent, seems to be as effective as the reference drug, with a faster onset of action and a more marked effect on cognitive disturbances and retardation. The new drug is free of any significant anticholinergic or(More)
After a brief reminder of the dual therapeutic aspect (biological and psychological) of spa treatment, the results are presented of a series of psychological reaction tests (McFarland's Psychosomatic Inventory, the Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire, the Rorschach test) given to a randomized sample of 106 patients together with semistructured interviews(More)
The main psychological and possible psychopathological traits of the spa user are identified and classified in order to clarify motivational aspects. Two different self-assessment tests, the Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire (MHQ) and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) were given, the first to 500 subjects who had undergone spa treatment(More)
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