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Preparations of living Pseudomonas denitrificans cells immobilized in alginate gel were used in the denitrification of water. In the presence of an exogenous carbon source the entrapped microorganisms reduced nitrate and nitrite to gaseous products and to achieve complete reduction, carbon to nitrogen ratios of over two were required. The effects on(More)
Immobilized vegetative cells ofC. acetobutylicum has a similar product formation pattern when incubated in a simple glucose-salts solution as ordinary growing cells. If vegetative cells of the organism are immobilized in the solvent production phase, solvents are continuously produced on extended incubation. By immobi1izing spores of the organism the(More)
The rates of glucose utilization by fermentative bacteria and propionate and butyrate utilization by acetogenic bacteria were studied and their dependence of pCO2 in the interval 0–1 bar was determined. A batch fermentation method was used permitting good control of fermentation parameters and rapid experiments. The rate of glucose fermentation to acids,(More)
The effects of pCO2 and pCH4 in the interval 0–1 bar on rates of acetate degradation and methane formation by methanogens as well as methane yields were studied in enrichment cultures in batch and continuous fermentations. In batch fermentations the rate of acetate utilization by methanogens was 1,000–1,500 mg/l · d at low levels of pCO2. CO2 was inhibitory(More)
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