Nils M. Sedano

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The mixing performance of multiple transverse jets has been evaluated experimentally. Measurement techniques included laser Doppler velocimetry and planar laser induced fluorescence. Basic findings are consistent with results presented in literature for single jet mixing behavior. Mixing performance has been compared to literature for the single jet case(More)
Five PCR fragments corresponding to a part of the DNA-binding domain of different hormone nuclear receptors were isolated from Tenebrio molitor mRNAs. The sequence identity of three of them with known Drosophila nuclear receptors strongly suggests that they are the Tenebrio orthologs of seven-up, DHR3 and beta-FTZ-F1, and thus named Tmsvp, TmHR3 and(More)
Minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) are the smallest member of balaenopterid whales and little is known of their kinematics during feeding maneuvers. These whales have narrow and elongated flippers that are small relative to body size compared to related species such as right and gray whales. No experimental studies have addressed the hydrodynamic(More)
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