Nils Lohmann

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Seven frequently used measures of life satisfaction, adjustment and morale were subjected to the techniques of construct validation. Data for the analysis was obtained from 259 people over the age of sixty who represented three clusters: nursing home residents, homebound older people and "community" aged. The data were analyzed through Alpha factor analysis(More)
In this paper we investigate hardware implementations of ciphering algorithms, SNOW 3G and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), for the acceleration of the protocol stack layer 2 in the 3G Long Term Evolution (LTE). This analysis is based on timing requirements from execution time measurements in a simulated mobile phone platform, where we apply data(More)
Pearson Product Moment correlation coefficients were computed for seven frequently used measures of life satisfaction, adjustment, and morale. Data on the seven instruments were collected from 259 subjects over the age of 60 representing three clusters: institutionalized older people, those with limited ambulation, and "community" aged. Intercorrelations(More)
PURPOSE To dosimetrically verify a Monte Carlo model of a GammaMed HDR brachytherapy source using various detector types, namely an unshielded diode (EDD-5), a semiflex air-filled ion chamber (PTW Freiburg), a TLD type 100H (LiF:Mg,Cu,P) and a radiochromic EBT3 film. The applicability of the sensitivity correction factor kNR, correcting the spectral(More)
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