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Within a manufacturing system, a smart human-machine interface reduces the chances of human error and helps users to make informed decisions, especially in critical situations. This paper presents a concept for a flexible context specific assistance system for industrial applications using camera based localization. As a central element, a modular and(More)
Integrated Project funded by the European Community under the " Information Society Technologies " Programme (2002—2006) Executive Summary In this deliverable we provide an overview of the application of the results obtained in SENSORIA (i.e., those techniques, methods and languages developed in the technical work packages WP1-WP7) to SENSORIA case studies(More)
An electronic product catalogue (EPC) is a computer controlled information system with multimedia product presentations and navigation facilities. The paper presents the results of the EPK-x project for the systematic construction of EPCs. These include a software engineering process model, a high level speciication language for EPCs, and an integrated set(More)
The term Industrie 4.0 carries the vision of smart factories, which automatically adapt to changes and assist the human as much as possible during operation and maintenance. This includes smart human machine interfaces, which reduce the chances of errors and help to make the right decisions. This paper presents an approach to equip the maintenance software(More)
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