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Although Groupware research has yielded a number of productive and successful systems, it appears that the current social media trend is somewhat out ruling the traditional cooperation support systems such as email or shared workspaces. In this paper we propose a conceptual model that identifies major elements and concepts of cooperative systems to provide(More)
This paper proposes performance indicators and metrics for the analysis of shared workspaces. We investigate user activity in various electronic workspaces of a shared workspace system and compare these on the basis of the proposed metrics: activity, productivity and cooperativity. Based on these results we further investigate the intensity of cooperation(More)
Although a number of new collaboration systems emerged of the last years, it is remarkable that email is still the most used collaboration application. However, this messaging based pattern of organizing collaboration causes a lot of problems like information and attachment overload and versioning problems. This paper discusses some of these problems as(More)
Recently, development of applications for mobile phones and social networks has become a popular business model for a number of developers. Due to limited budget and time constraints, they often face problems related to organization of their group work. The most difficult phases include task distribution, plan scheduling, prototyping and modification of(More)
The current work environment is moving from monolithic, heavyweight cooperative systems to a more lightweight digital ecosystem with a tremendous choice of available systems. Big enterprise information systems compete with small specialized tools, which are not feature rich, but concentrate on one cooperation scenario they solve. We can observe that(More)
Smarting-up email processing is a challenging task. Users file or retrieve multiple messages every day, while receiving little support from most popular email clients. Incorporating semi-automatic sorting into existing applications can help users with their daily work through more efficient organization and more effective search. Successful and seamless(More)
This contribution describes the extension of a groupware platform with social media concepts to realize a learning and knowledge platform for surgeons, considering specific constraints from the medical domain. We start with a model that equally represents groupware and social software. The instantiation of this model enables the stepwise integration of(More)