Nils J. D. Drechsel

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We present a new approach to the calculation of solvent-accessible surface areas of molecules with potential application to surface area based methods for determination of solvation free energies. As in traditional analytical and statistical approaches, this new algorithm, called TRIFORCE, reports both component areas and derivatives as a function of the(More)
IκB proteins are the primary inhibitors of NF-κB. Here, we demonstrate that sumoylated and phosphorylated IκBα accumulates in the nucleus of keratinocytes and interacts with histones H2A and H4 at the regulatory region of HOX and IRX genes. Chromatin-bound IκBα modulates Polycomb recruitment and imparts their competence to be activated by TNFα. Mutations in(More)
The 60's gave birth to the practical implementation of classical mechanics to unravel the dynamics and energetics of biomolecules. In the 70's the use of generalized force fields and more advanced integrative solutions to the microscopic understanding of nature (like hybrid QM/MM) were introduced. During the 80's, algorithms to obtain free energy values(More)
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