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Continent ileostomies were created in 435 patients in the period 1967-1984. Approximately 50% of the patients were provided with a continent ileostomy in connection with proctocolectomy and in the others a conventional ileostomy was converted to a continent ileostomy. In the majority of patients the indication for proctocolectomy was ulcerative colitis, but(More)
In a prospective study the quality of life was evaluated in 31 consecutive patients before and after conversion from a conventional to a continent ileostomy. Patient expectations, immediate emotional reactions after the operation and attitudes at the time of the interview were more positive towards the continent ileostomy than the conventional ileostomy. An(More)
A modified Kock pouch was constructed in 16 patients with cancer of the bladder in whom cystoprostatectomy was indicated. Surgery entailed creation of a Kock pouch with 1 valve for prevention of reflux. The pouch then was anastomosed to the urethral stump. There was no operative mortality. Followup ranged between 3 and 9 months. Excretory urograms revealed(More)
A new method for urinary diversion to the rectum was elaborated in animal experiments and currently has been used in 19 patients. Reflux of the rectal content to the colon and to the upper urinary tract is prevented by the fashioning of an intussusception valve at the rectosigmoid junction. The rectum is augmented by anastomosing an ileal patch to the(More)
The absorption of fat, bile salts, and vitamin B12 was studied in 14 proctocolectomised patients six to 10 years after construction of a continent ileostomy. All patients were in excellent health and displayed no signs of malnutrition. Schilling test disclosed subnormal absorption of vitamin B12 in one patient and borderline values in five. Faecal loss of(More)
Patients undergoing surgical treatment for inflammatory disease of the intestine are often in their reproductive years. Therefore, it is highly relevant to study the influence of surgical treatment on later pregnancy and delivery. Reported herein are 28 patients with continent ileostomies who have carried 37 pregnancies to term. An increased urge to empty(More)