Nils-Gösta Vannerberg

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A group of 115 patients with orofacial complaints has been examined. A new method for intraoral measurement of electrode potentials on the surface of the amalgam fillings and prosthetic constructions has been developed and applied. The possible connections between the measured electrode potentials and patients' saliva properties and their complaints have(More)
Electrochemical measurements on amalgams and gold alloys in natural saliva and saline solutions have been performed. The results show strong inhibiting effects of some components in natural saliva on the surface corrosion behaviour of amalgams. For the gold alloys the cathodic reduction of oxygen was notably lower in natural saliva than in saline solutions.(More)
requi red s amp le s to be nea r 100% so t h a t t he u t i l i ty of t h e m e t h o d was l imited. In f ra red emiss ion spec t r a h a v e now been ob ta ined of inorganic and organic sur faces as well as biological s y s t e m s nea r r o o m t empe ra t u r e , u s ing mul t ip l e scan in ter fe romet ry . The Block Model I 4 T in te r fe romete r(More)
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