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BACKGROUND This study explored the association of unemployment and an increased risk of receiving disability pension, and the possibility that this risk is attributed to municipality-specific characteristics. METHODS A cohort of 7,985 40-42 year olds was followed for 18 years in national registers, identifying new episodes of unemployment and cases of(More)
BACKGROUND Functional assessments are requested in the follow-up of sick-listed persons and for disability benefit decisions. We describe the development of the Norwegian Functional Scale that may assist health providers in getting an insight into patients' self-evaluated functioning. MATERIAL AND METHODS An expert panel developed a 40-item functional(More)
BACKGROUND The lack of efficient medical interventions for combating increasing sickness absence rates has lead to the introduction of alternative measures initiated by the Norwegian National Insurance Service or at workplaces. AIM To determine whether minimal postal intervention had any effect on the length of sick leave. METHODS Randomised, controlled(More)
BACKGROUND There is a large variation in referral rates to secondary care among GPs, which is partly unexplained. AIM To explore associations between reasons for referral to secondary care and patient, GP, and healthcare characteristics. DESIGN AND SETTING A cross-sectional study in Northern Norway. METHOD Data were derived from 44 (42%) of 104(More)
BACKGROUND Referral rates of general practitioners (GPs) are an important determinant of secondary care utilization. The variation in these rates across GPs is considerable, and cannot be explained by patient morbidity alone. The main objective of this study was to assess the GPs' referral rate to secondary care in Norway, any associations between the(More)
AIMS To investigate the associations between work environment indicators and health- related work disability. METHODS A health survey of 5,749 working 40-42-year-old Norwegians from Nordland County were linked to a national register for disability pension during a follow-up of over 18 years. The risk for disability pension following various self-reported(More)
In the 1990's, improving the follow-up of sick-listed patients with a focus on job adjustments has been a priority in Norwegian social policy. In a study of 1,000 consecutive sick-listed patients (14 days or more) with a musculoskeletal or mental disorder as primary diagnosis, we asked 499 randomly selected sick-listed patients about their opinion on(More)
We wanted to assess whether routine use of a rapid test for C-reactive protein (CRP) could reduce prescription of antibiotics for adults with possible lower respiratory tract infection. 239 patients were randomized into a CRP group, tested with the rapid test (n = 108) and a control group (n = 121). Before knowing to which group the patient belonged the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous validation studies of sick leave measures have focused on self-reports. Register-based sick leave data are considered to be valid; however methodological problems may be associated with such data. A Danish national register on sickness benefit (DREAM) has been widely used in sick leave research. On the basis of sick leave records from(More)
BACKGROUND The knowledge of factors accurately predicting the long lasting sick leaves is sparse, but information on medical condition is believed to be necessary to identify persons at risk. Based on the current practice, with identifying sick-listed individuals at risk of long-lasting sick leaves, the objectives of this study were to inquire the(More)