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Twenty-six of 39 Syrian hamsters obtained by this laboratory from a pet supplier had enteritis and showed signs of "wet tail." An enteritis was reproduced in healthy hamsters by oral inoculation of homogenized ilea and jejuna from the diseased hamsters. The most characteristic pathologicfeatures were a variably enlarged distal jejunum and ileum and(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the relative risk of injury among horses deemed to be at increased risk of injury on the basis of prerace physical inspection findings and to examine the association of injury during races with race-related characteristics. DESIGN Cohort study. ANIMALS 2,187 Thoroughbred horses that started 3,227 races in Kentucky. PROCEDURE All(More)
Questionnaires on research activities, mortality rates observed in various age groups, extent of examination of dead hamsters, and natural disease conditions and their relative importance were returned by 24 of 43 organisations surveyed in the United States. The average preweaning mortality rate due to all causes was 11-9%. Comparative data from 6(More)
Anesthetized mongrel (weight range: 16-27 Kg) dogs were prepared for monitoring hemodynamics, blood flow distribution, plasma colloid osmotic pressure and renal functional parameters at various intervals. Removal of 35 ml/Kg blood resulted in marked drop and only partial spontaneous recovery in systemic and pulmonary arterial pressures, cardiac output and(More)
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