Niloofar Yousefi

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Credit scoring has become very important issue due to the recent growth of the credit industry, so the credit department of the bank faces a large amount of credit data. Clearly it is impossible analyzing this huge amount of data both in economic and manpower terms, so data mining techniques were employed for this purpose. So far many data mining methods(More)
We show a Talagrand-type of concentration inequality for MTL, using which we establish sharp excess risk bounds for Multi-Task Learning (MTL) in terms of distribution-and data-dependent versions of the Local Rademacher Complexity (LRC). We also give a new bound on the LRC for strongly convex hypothesis classes, which applies not only to MTL but also to the(More)
When faced with learning a set of interrelated tasks from a limited amount of usable data, learning each task independently may lead to poor generalization performance. Multi-Task Learning (MTL) exploits the latent relations between tasks and overcomes data scarcity limitations by co-learning all these tasks simultaneously to offer improved performance. We(More)
— one of the most important issues in dairy farm is feed management which aims to manage available and required feed. There are several problems associated with managing cattle feed such as how to best satisfy feed deficits or how to utilize extra feed available. Since early 70s, feed planning decision support systems have been developed to help farmers(More)
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