Niloofar Montazeri

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This paper presents a discourse processing framework based on weighted abduction. We elaborate on ideas described in Hobbs et al. (1993) and implement the abductive inference procedure in a system called Mini-TACITUS. Particular attention is paid to constructing a large and reliable knowledge base for supporting inferences. For this purpose we exploit such(More)
This paper presents a metaphor interpretation pipeline based on abductive inference. In this framework following (Hobbs, 1992) metaphor interpretation is modelled as a part of the general discourse processing problem, such that the overall discourse coherence is supported. We present an experimental evaluation of the proposed approach using linguistic data(More)
Much computational work has been done on identifying and interpreting the meaning of metaphors, but little work has been done on understanding the motivation behind the use of metaphor. To computationally model discourse and social positioning in metaphor, we need a corpus annotated with metaphors relevant to speaker intentions. This paper reports a corpus(More)
In this paper, with the goal of using Viterbi algorithm as a quick Top-down parsing procedure, a new probabilistic model called “Rule Bi-gram” is introduced. By extending rule bi-gram model, we have implemented a new parsing algorithm (VPA) based on the Viterbi algorithm. Our experiments show that although in applications in which an exact parse of the(More)
In an enterprise called "deep lexical semantics", we develop various core theories of fundamental commonsense phenomena and define English word senses by means of axioms using predicates explicated in these theories. This enables deep inferences that require commonsense knowledge about how the world functions. There are difficulties in our approach to(More)
But doing this requires fairly complex inference, because the words “block”, “enter”, “can”, “not” and “deliver” carve up the world in different ways.1 Words describe the world, so if we are going to draw the appropriate inferences in understanding a text, we must have underlying theories of aspects of the world and we must have axioms that link these to(More)
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