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This paper presents a metaphor interpretation pipeline based on abductive inference. In this framework following (Hobbs, 1992) metaphor interpretation is modelled as a part of the general discourse processing problem, such that the overall discourse coherence is supported. We present an experimental evaluation of the proposed approach using linguistic data(More)
This paper presents a discourse processing framework based on weighted abduction. We elaborate on ideas described in Hobbs et al. (1993) and implement the abductive inference procedure in a system called Mini-TACITUS. Particular attention is paid to constructing a large and reliable knowledge base for supporting inferences. For this purpose we exploit such(More)
Introduction Characteristic to all areas of human activity (from poetic to ordinary to scientific) and, thus, to all types of discourse, metaphor becomes an important problem for natural language processing. Its ubiquity in language has been established in a number of corpus studies and the role it plays in human reasoning has been confirmed in(More)
In this paper, with the goal of using Viterbi algorithm as a quick Top-down parsing procedure, a new probabilistic model called " Rule Bi-gram " is introduced. By extending rule bi-gram model, we have implemented a new parsing algorithm (VPA) based on the Viterbi algorithm. Our experiments show that although in applications in which an exact parse of the(More)
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