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The cellular response to ionizing radiation (IR) involves a variety of mechanisms to repair damage and maintain cell survival. We previously reported that the proteasome activator PA200 promotes long-term cell survival after IR exposure. The molecular function of PA200 is to enhance proteasome-mediated cleavage after glutamate; however, it is not known how(More)
Sex differences are prominent in mood and anxiety disorders and may provide a window into mechanisms of onset and maintenance of affective disturbances in both men and women. With the plethora of sex differences in brain structure, function, and stress responsivity, as well as differences in exposure to reproductive hormones, social expectations and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the epidemiology, pathobiology, and management of benign ethnic neutropenia and determine the extent to which these factors should influence measures designed to avoid clozapine-induced agranulocytosis. DATA SOURCES A structured MEDLINE search with no language limitation was performed from database inception until March 31, 2015,(More)
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