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We examined the concentration dependence of currents through Ca(V)3.1 T-type calcium channels, varying Ca(2+) and Ba(2+) over a wide concentration range (100 nM to 110 mM) while recording whole-cell currents over a wide voltage range from channels stably expressed in HEK 293 cells. To isolate effects on permeation, instantaneous current-voltage(More)
It seems like a simple experiment: determine the concentration dependence of current through a voltage-dependent Ca 2+ channel by varying the concentration of Ca 2+. But it has long been recognized that interpretation of such results is complicated. In particular, the whole-cell current is affected by gating as well as permeation. Ions can modify gating by(More)
Hypoxic exposure results in several pathophysiological conditions associated with nervous system, these include acute and chronic mountain sickness, loss of memory, and high altitude cerebral edema. Previous reports have also suggested the role of hypoxia in pathogenesis of depression and related psychological conditions. On the other hand, sub lethal(More)
The basic motive of the search engines lies in the fact that, it should be able to retrieve results with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Image search engines are no where exceptional. They should retrieve images from the database which are similar to the query image. Existing image search engines largely depend on the keywords provided by the users for(More)
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