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This paper presents the architecture and protocols of SMesh, a completely transparent wireless mesh system that offers seamless, fast handoff, supporting VoIP and other real-time application traffic for any unmodified 802.11 device. In SMesh, the entire mesh network is seen by the mobile clients as a single, omnipresent access point.Fast handoff is achieved(More)
Wireless mesh networks extend the connectivity range of mobile devices by using multiple access points, some of them connected to the Internet, to create a mesh topology and forward packets over multiple wireless hops. However, the quality of service provided by the mesh is impaired by the delays and disconnections caused by handoffs, as clients move within(More)
C-reactive protein (CRP) is a nonspecific but sensitive marker of inflammation. Interleukin-6 (IL-6), IL-1, and tumor necrosis factor alpha induce the synthesis of CRP in hepatocytes. Increased CRP level is considered to be an important risk factor for atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, peripheral vascular disease, and ischemic stroke. It is positively(More)
This study examined symptoms reported by patients after open-ended questioning vs those systematically assessed using a 48-question survey. Consecutive patients referred to the palliative medicine program at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation were screened. Open-ended questions were asked initially followed by a 48-item investigator-developed symptom(More)
— Every surgical item used during surgery (e.g., sponges) must be accounted for after surgery to ensure that none of these items is left inside the patient. Despite the numerous precautions in place, in approximately 1 in 1500 cases, something gets left behind inside the patient's body. This paper presents ASSIST, an automated system for surgical instrument(More)
Dyspnea, the sensation of difficult breathing, is a common debilitating symptom in advanced cancer and chronic progressive cardiopulmonary disease. Primary treatment is correction of the underlying etiology. In incurable illness wherein the cause is irreversible and the goal is palliation, opioids are the drugs of choice for symptomatic relief. This article(More)
The clinical characteristics and medical interventions of the 100 consecutive cancer admissions to the acute care inpatient palliative medicine unit at the Cleveland Clinic for 2 months are described. Median age was 62 years (range, 31 to 92 years). The male-female ratio was 1:1. Most admissions were referred by hematology-oncology and had prior(More)
INTRODUCTION Methylphenidate (MP) is often recommended for symptom control in advanced cancer. Little is known about its side effects in frail adults. OBJECTIVES To evaluate MP-associated symptoms or side effects (S/E). METHODS Data was collected from 2 published prospective cohort series and a phase 2 study of MP for symptom control in advanced cancer.(More)
This paper presents an architecture and a hybrid routing protocol for multi-homed wireless mesh networks that provide uninterrupted connectivity and fast handoff. Our approach integrates wireless and wired connectivity, using multicast groups to coordinate decisions and seamlessly transfer connections between several Internet gateways as mobile clients move(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory depression is the most feared opioid-related side-effect yet research on the topic is sparse. We evaluated changes in respiratory parameters during parenteral opioid titration for cancer pain to determine if opioid titration was associated with evidence of hypoventilation. The primary outcome measure was to measure changes in(More)