Nilo Costa Serpa

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OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of pentoxifylline on early reproductive performance in an animal model for endometriosis. DESIGN Preclinical blinded study in a rodent model. SETTING Animal research laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Sexually mature female golden hamsters. INTERVENTIONS At laparotomy, groups of hamsters were subjected to: (1) excision of the(More)
Current evidence suggests that peritoneal inflammatory cell hyperactivation may be the essential pathologic abnormality in patients with endometriosis-associated subfertility. In these experiments we utilized an animal model to evaluate the use of an immunomodulatory agent as an alternative treatment for endometriosis-associated subfertility. The right(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG) with intrauterine insemination (IUI) for the treatment of various causes of infertility and to identify prognostic factors for the success of this treatment. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective chart analysis. RESULTS Of the 271 cycles initiated, 247 were completed in 104 couples,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of pentoxifylline and heat-inactivated human follicular fluid (FF) on performance in the sperm penetration assay (SPA) as a paradigm for the effect of these agents on human sperm-egg interaction in vivo and in vitro fertilization. DESIGN Semen specimens from men undergoing SPA testing for evaluation of suspected male(More)
The broad application range of the predator-prey modelling enabled us to apply it to represent the dynamics of the work-employment system. For the adopted period, we conclude that this dynamics is chaotic in the beginning of the time series and tends to less perturbed states, as time goes by, due to public policies and hidden intrinsic system features.(More)
The number of applications, systems and repositories that cohabit a corporate environment has grown at a rate never seen before. However, the fragmentation of information that usually follows this growth brings a lot of drawbacks, such as redundancies, inconsistencies, interoperability constraints and maintenance problems. In several occasions, systems are(More)