Nilo Castañedo

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In this work, the TOMOCOMD-CARDD approach has been applied to estimate the anthelmintic activity. Total and local (both atom and atom-type) quadratic indices and linear discriminant analysis were used to obtain a quantitative model that discriminates between anthelmintic and non-anthelmintic drug-like compounds. The obtained model correctly classified(More)
Furvina®, also denominated G1 (MW 297), is a synthetic nitrovinylfuran [2-bromo-5-(2-bromo-2-nitrovinyl)-furan] antibiotic with a broad antimicrobial spectrum. An ointment (Dermofural®) containing G1 as the only active principle is currently marketed in Cuba and successfully used to treat dermatological infections. Here we describe the molecular target and(More)
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