Nili Stein

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The relation between aspects of depression and the wish to be held was studied in 72 male and 57 female college students. Females reported higher levels of depressive experiences associated with issues of dependency as well as more intense wishes to be held. In both sexes the intensity of the wish to be held was related to dependency; however, it was the(More)
Online health information and services for patients were suggested to improve symptom management and treatment adherence, thereby contributing to healthcare optimization. This paper aimed to characterize multiple sclerosis (MS) patients Internet usage. Information regarding browsing habits, Internet reliability, and the medical team's attitude to(More)
This study examined the statistical and clinical validity of the distinction frequently made between "functional" pain and "real" pain. Earlier work has relied on the MMPI exclusively and results have been inconclusive, yet the distinction continues to be made and treatment is recommended on the basis of the label. Sixty-seven chronic back pain patients(More)
Studied the relationships between depth of depression, anaclitic and introjective depressive experiences, and dimensions of illness behavior in 37 chronic pain patients. Depth of depression and degree of introjective depressive experiences showed similar positive covariation with a broad range of illness behavior: Namely, hypochondriasis, disease(More)
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