Nilgun Ferhatosmanoglu

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This paper describes the design, implementation and deployment of LineKing (LK), a crowdsourced line wait-time monitoring service. LK consists of a smartphone component (that provides automatic, energy-efficient, and accurate wait-time detection), and a cloud backend (that uses the collected data to provide accurate wait-time estimation). LK is used on a(More)
Dual-channel microarray experiments are commonly employed for inference of differential gene expressions across varying organisms and experimental conditions. The design of dual-channel microarray experiments that can help minimize the errors in the resulting inferences has recently received increasing attention. However, a general and scalable search tool(More)
Two-colour microarrays are used to study differential gene expression on a large scale. Experimental planning can help reduce the chances of wrong inferences about whether genes are differentially expressed. Previous research on this problem has focused on minimising estimation errors (according to variance-based criteria such as A-optimality) on the basis(More)
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