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The likelihood of concussion in a contact sport is estimated to be as high as 19% per season. While most athletes recover, a disturbing number experience Post-Concussion Syndrome, a host of chronic cognitive and neurobehavioral problems such as: N headache N fatigue N sleep difficulties N dizziness N personality change N deficits in short-term memory,(More)
To identify novel tyrosine kinase substrates that have never been implicated in cancer, we studied the phosphoproteomic changes in the MCF10AT model of breast cancer progression using a combination of phosphotyrosyl affinity enrichment, iTRAQ technology, and LC-MS/MS. Using complementary MALDI- and ESI-based mass spectrometry, 57 unique proteins comprising(More)
BACKGROUND It is not clear if the role of antipsychotics in long-term clinical and functional recovery from schizophrenia is correlated. The pattern of use is a major aspect of pharmacotherapy in long-term follow-ups of schizophrenia. The aim of this study was to examine patterns of antipsychotic usage in patients with longstanding psychosis and their(More)
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD), a clinical syndrome distinctfrom childhood autism, is a rare unremittingly pervasive developmental disorder resultingfrom disintegration ofmentalfunctions and progressive neurological abnormality. This rare condition is characterized by regression or loss ofpreviously acquired language and social skills after a(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Schizophrenia is a complex neurobehavioral disorder for which there are many promising new treatments. There is, however, a discrepancy in outcome measure reports when they are obtained from patients, relatives, caregivers, or professionals, making it difficult to determine the level of recovery. This lack of agreement may result from(More)
Power management techniques for mobile appliances put the components of the systems into low power states to maximize battery life while minimizing the impact on the perceived performance of the devices. Static timeout policies are the state-of-the-art approach for solving power management problems. In this work, we propose adaptive timeout policies as a(More)
BACKGROUND Mapping the expression changes during breast cancer development should facilitate basic and translational research that will eventually improve our understanding and clinical management of cancer. However, most studies in this area are challenged by genetic and environmental heterogeneities associated with cancer. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS(More)
The effect of yoga and relaxation changes in psychophysiological parameters in response to the stress of examination in 75 medical students was studied. Initially five parameters (anxiety level, heart rate, blood pressure, galvanic skin resistance and choice reaction time) were recorded, a month before the examination and on the day of examination. Students(More)
OBJECTIVE Serum prolactin is influenced by antipsychotic use but its relationships with psychopathology and general functioning are not clear. This study aimed to assess these relationships. DESIGN Serum prolactin levels were measured in patients with schizophrenia before being treated with antipsychotics and at various follow-up points. SETTING The(More)
Over the past 50 years, schizophrenia as a disorder has been widely studied across cultures throughout the world. There are differences not only in the symptoms and presentation but also in outcome and prognosis. Various authors have tried to explore and explain such variation but the reasons for this are not always clear. In this paper, we review some of(More)