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In this paper we present a heuristic algorithm for solving the parallel query plan scheduling problem in data grids. The algorithm exploits the binary tree structure of the query plan to determine profitable allocations. It takes care of multiple forms of parallelism while allocating resources to the sub- plans. Previous approaches towards solving the(More)
A 6.5 kb DNA fragment containing a chloramphenicol-resistance gene of Streptomyces venezuelae ISP5230 was cloned in Streptomyces lividans M252 using the high-copy-number plasmid vector pIJ702. The gene was located within a 2.4 kb KpnI-SstI fragment of the cloned DNA and encoded an enzyme (chloramphenicol hydrolase) that catalysed removal of the(More)
Two chloramphenicol-producing strains of Streptomyces venezuelae accumulated small amounts of polyhydroxybutyrate during exponential growth; the compound disappeared from the mycelium as the cultures entered stationary phase. Depletion of polyhydroxybutyrate coincided with chloramphenicol production but the amount of polymer stored in the mycelium was(More)
We compared the diurnal weight gain of 46 patients with mental retardation to that of 21 patients with organic mental syndromes. They were weighed at 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekly for 3 weeks. We normalized the diurnal weight gain as a percentage by subtracting the 7 a.m. weight from the 4 p.m. weight, multiplying the difference by 100, and dividing the result(More)
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