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Prime ideals in 0-distributive posets
In the first section of this paper, we prove an analogue of Stone’s Theorem for posets satisfying DCC by using semiprime ideals. We also prove the existence of prime ideals in atomic posets in whichExpand
The hull-kernel topology on prime ideals in posets
A characterization of a space of maximal ideals of a poset to be a normal space is proved. Expand
Baer ideals in 0-distributive posets
In this paper, we study Baer ideals in posets and obtain some characterizations of Baer ideals in 0-distributive posets. Further, we prove that in an ideal-distributive poset, every ideal is BaerExpand
On Primary Ideals in Posets
Abstract In this paper, we define the concepts of the radical of an ideal and a primary ideal in posets. Further, the analogue of the first and the second uniqueness theorems regarding primaryExpand
Space of Minimal n-Prime Ideals
The characterization of minimal n-prime ideals is obtained and it is shown that Pn(L) is compact if and only if it is finite. Expand