Nilesh Mahajan

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The recent rise in the popularity of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) has been fueled by software frameworks, such as NVIDIA's Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) and Khronos Group's OpenCL that make GPUs available for general purpose computing. However, CUDA and OpenCL are still low-level approaches that require users to handle details about data(More)
We have developed a high-level language, called Kanor, for declaratively specifying communication in parallel programs. Designed as an extension of C++, it serves to coordinate partitioned address space programs written in the bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) style. Kanor's declarative semantics enable the programmers to write correct and(More)
We have been developing a declarative approach to writing parallel programs, in a language called Kanor, with the goal of addressing the productivity challenge in parallel programming. A guiding principle in the design of our approach has been to abstract away those details that a compiler can feasibly and effectively handle, while still affording the(More)
INTRODUCTION The objective of the present study was to design ferrous fumarate (FF) sustained release (SR) pellets using of cow ghee (CG) as an important hot-melt coating (HMC) agent. MATERIALS AND METHODS The pellets were coated by HMC technique using CG and ethyl cellulose composition by conventional coating pan without the use of spray system. FF(More)
It has become common for MPI-based applications to run on shared-memory machines. However, MPI semantics do not allow leveraging shared memory fully for communication between processes from within the MPI library. This paper presents an approach that combines compiler transformations with a specialized runtime system to achieve zero-copy communication(More)
Objective Seeking a full-time position aligned with my research interests and technical background During graduate school, I have mainly worked on programming language semantics and implementation. I used operator overloading and metaprogramming techniques to implement a domain specific language in C++ called Kanor. I used frameworks such as the ROSE(More)
StreamIt is a language based on the dataflow model of computation. StreamIt consists of computation units called filters connected with pipelines, split-joins, feedback loops. Thus, the program is a graph with filters as vertices and the connections as edges. The compiler then estimates the workload statically and computes a partitioning of the graph and(More)