Nilesh Mahajan

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Augmenter of Liver Regeneration (ALR) is a sulfhydryl oxidase carrying out fundamental functions facilitating protein disulfide bond formation. In mammals, it also functions as a hepatotrophic growth factor that specifically stimulates hepatocyte proliferation and promotes liver regeneration after liver damage or partial hepatectomy. Whether ALR also plays(More)
AIM Accelerated extracellular matrix breakdown caused by the increased activity of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) has been implicated in several rheumatological disorders and systemic vasculitides, especially Takayasu's arteritis and Kawasaki disease. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to investigate the potential role of MMPs in Henoch-Schonlein(More)
Hypertension is a disorder controlled by multiple genes and inflammation and vascular remodelling of arteries have been implicated in pathogenesis of this disease. Green tea polyphenols (GrTPs) are rich in antioxidants and are known to inhibit inflammatory responses. A significant time-dependent increase in mRNA expression of both IL-6 and MMP-9 were(More)
The recent rise in the popularity of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) has been fueled by software frameworks, such as NVIDIA’s Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) and Khronos Group’s OpenCL that make GPUs available for general purpose computing. However, CUDA and OpenCL are still lowlevel approaches that require users to handle details about data(More)
We have developed a high-level language, called Kanor, for declaratively specifying communication in parallel programs. Designed as an extension of C++, it serves to coordinate partitioned address space programs written in the bulk synchronous parallel (BSP) style. Kanor's declarative semantics enable the programmers to write correct and(More)
Dear Editor, Epididymal adenomatoid tumour (AT) is a rare benign tumour. Although microscopic features of this lesion are characteristic, there may be diagnostic difficulty because of certain overlapping morphological patterns and rare associated changes. We report here a case of epididymal AT that showed prominent signet ring change mimicking signet ring(More)
Adenoviruses have been isolated from both clinically healthy and diseased birds worldwide. The pathogenic role of most of the FAdVs is still questionable. They can quickly take on the role of opportunistic pathogens when additional factors, particularly concurrent infections, adversely affect the health of the avian host. Immnosuppressing agents especially(More)
We have been developing a declarative approach to writing parallel programs, in a language called Kanor, with the goal of addressing the productivity challenge in parallel programming. A guiding principle in the design of our approach has been to abstract away those details that a compiler can feasibly and effectively handle, while still affording the(More)
On the contrary to limited and shrinking health care budgets, there is an ever increasing pressure on healthcare system providers for more and newer resource-oriented health care along with significant cost constraints. Therefore, one should not be surprised if an effective new therapy does not find its way in practice within publicly funded health care(More)