Nilesh Kawane

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For model driven development approaches to succeed, there is a need for model validation techniques. This paper presents an approach to testing designs described by UML class diagrams, interaction diagrams, and activity diagrams. A UML design model under test is transformed into an executable form. Test infrastructure is added to the executable form to(More)
Systematic design testing, in which executable models of behaviors are tested using inputs that exercise scenarios, can help reveal flaws in designs before they are implemented in code. We present a testing method in which executable forms of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) models are tested. The method incorporates the use of test adequacy criteria(More)
We propose an integrated approach to generate test cases from UML sequence and activity diagrams. We first transform these UML diagrams into a graph. Then, we propose an algorithm to generate test scenarios from the constructed graph. Next, the necessary information for test case generation, such as method-activity sequence, associated objects, and(More)
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