Nilesh Dave

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The quality of microarray data can seriously affect the accuracy of downstream analyses. In order to reduce variability and enhance signal reproducibility in these data, many normalization methods have been proposed and evaluated, most of which are for data obtained from cDNA microarrays and Affymetrix GeneChips. CodeLink Bioarrays are a newly emerged,(More)
UNLABELLED The molecular networks underlying the lung response to hypoxia are not fully understood. We employed systems biology approaches to study temporal effects of intermittent or sustained hypoxia on gene expression in rat lungs. We obtained gene expression profiles from rats exposed to intermittent or sustained hypoxia lasting 0-30 days and identified(More)
Microarray technology allows the investigator to examine the simultaneous expression of thousands of genes in a given cell or tissue. Such experiments that probe tens of thousands of genes produce immense amounts of information. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the availability of tools for analysis of microarray data. Although many(More)
Symptoms are important indicators of health and treatment for people with HIV. Symptoms are measured by patient self-report, but there has been little attention to what is the best method of elicitation. We compared three methods (presence, frequency, and bother) commonly used to measure HIV self-reported symptoms. CD4+ T lymphocyte count and health-related(More)
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