Nilay V. Oza

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This paper investigates trust in software outsourcing relationships. The study is based on an empirical investigation of eighteen high maturity software vendor companies based in India. Our analysis of the literature suggests that trust has received a lot of attention in all kinds of business relationships. This includes inter-company relationships, whether(More)
Lean deveLopment is a product development paradigm with an endto-end focus on creating value for the customer, eliminating waste, optimizing value streams, empowering people, and continuously improving (see Figure 11). Lean thinking has penetrated many industries. It was first used in manufacturing, with clear goals to empower teams, reduce waste, optimize(More)
This report aims to present the critical factors in outsourcing relationships. This study analyses the vendors' views on managing outsourcing relationships. We designed this empirical study from our previous literature survey. Here, we analyze data collected in two interviews through categorization techniques. Our findings suggest the importance of process,(More)
The application of agile software methods and more recently the integration of Lean practices contribute to the trend of continuous improvement in the software industry. One such area warranting proper empirical evidence is a project’s operational efficiency when using the Kanban method. This short paper takes a new angle and explores waste in the(More)
This paper presents an empirical analysis of security and user experience issues in cloud computing. The study is based on the assumption that superior user experience and user-centric security are the two crucial issues that help to build an overall experience for the cloud service user. Qualitative research analysis is used to collect perspectives of(More)
The objective of this paper is to provide the initial literature based insights into the game theory specifically with the viewpoint of client - vendor relationships in offshore software outsourcing. Game theory has been used for long in understanding various contexts in economics and other disciplines. Offshore software outsourcing relates to the situation(More)
Cloud computing has captured the attention of both the researchers and practitioners alike. Companies and other cloud users are expecting to receive significant benefits from the new cloud based technologies. To what extent these benefits materialize for enterprise IT is not clearly understood. In this paper, we examine the perceived benefits of cloud(More)
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