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Spam refers to unsolicited, unwanted and inappropriate bulk email. Spam filtering has become conspicuous as they consume a lot of network bandwidth, overloads the email server and drops the productivity of global economy. Content based spam filtering is accomplished with the help of multiple pattern string matching algorithm. Traditionally Aho Corasick(More)
Aho-Corasick is a standard string matching algorithm. It can match multiple patterns simultaneously and affirmed deterministic performance under all circumstances. Aho-Corasick feed solutions to various real world applications like intrusion detection systems, text mining, search engine, multimedia and computational biology. In order to improve performance(More)
The IEEE-754 standard floating point multiplier that provides highly precise computations to achieve high throughput and low area on the IC have been improved by insertion of pipelining technique. Floating point multiplier-using pipelining has been simulated, analyzed and its superiority over traditional designs is discussed. To achieve pipelining, one must(More)
  • Vidya Saikrishna, Akhtar Rasool, Nilay Khare, Asst Professor
  • 2012
String searching algorithms, sometimes called string matching algorithms, are an important class of string algorithms that try to find a place where one or several strings (also called patterns) are found within a larger string or text.[11] String matching is a classical problem in computer science. In this paper we are trying to explore the various(More)
Many Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms use floating-point arithmetic, which requires millions of calculations per second to be performed. For such stringent requirements, design of fast, precise and efficient circuits is the goal of every VLSI designer. This paper presents a comparison of pipelined floating-point adder complaint with IEEE 754(More)
In previous work, authors have proposed two new aggregation operators for a class of LR fuzzy numbers known as triangular fuzzy numbers (TFNs) in which the Land R-apex angles of the piecewise continuous linear membership function of the composite or resultant or aggregate TFN are the arithmetic means [1] and the geometric means [2] of the Land R-apex angles(More)
— In this paper a new aggregation operator for a class of LR Fuzzy Numbers i.e., Triangular Fuzzy Numbers (TFNs) in which the Land R-apex angles of the piecewise continuous linear membership function of the composite or resultant or aggregate TFN are the arithmetic means of the corresponding Land R-apex angles of the individual TFNs is proposed. The Land(More)
Big data is a term used for very large data sets that have more varied and complex structure. These characteristics usually correlate with additional difficulties in storing, analyzing and applying further procedures or extracting results. Big data analytics is the term used to describe the process of researching massive amounts of complex data in order to(More)
Now a day's text documents is advancing over internet, e-mails and web pages. As the use of internet is exponentially growing, the need of massive data storage is increasing. Normally many of the documents contain morphological variables, so stemming which is a preprocessing technique gives a mapping of different morphological variants of words into their(More)