Nilay Hazari

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The yield of triptane from the reaction of methanol with zinc iodide is dramatically increased by addition of phosphorous or hypophosphorous acid, via transfer of hydride from a P-H bond to carbocationic intermediates.
The demand for specific fuels and chemical feed-stocks fluctuates, and as a result, logistical mismatches can occur in the supply of their precursor raw materials such as coal, biomass, crude oil, and methane. To overcome these challenges, industry requires a versatile and robust suite of conversion technologies, many of which are mediated by synthesis gas(More)
Despite the long history of the Fischer-Tropsch reaction, carbon monoxide has proven remarkably resistant to selective homologation under mild conditions. Here, we find that an organouranium(III) complex induces efficient reductive trimerization of carbon monoxide at room temperature and pressure. The result is a triangular, cyclic C3O(2-)3, or deltate,(More)
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