Nilamani Bhoi

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In this paper, we have proposed a new method for removal of salt and pepper noise from gray scale images. In this technique when the processing pixel is uncorrupted then it is left unchanged otherwise the neighbors are checked. When all the neighbors are corrupted i.e. having values 0's or 255's or both then we go for the mean of the window and the(More)
Segmenting accurately a script document to extract various features that the document contains is a very challenging work and a need concerted effort. Continuous research works are in field to make the segmenting process simple and efficient. A simple segmenting technique for a line and word segmentation of a script document has been proposed. In this space(More)
Automatic detection of the blood vessels in retinal images is a challenging task. In this paper a survey has been made to help biomedical engineers and medical physicists. Here we have taken three different methods for blood vessels segmentation, method (a) a novel method to segment the retinal blood vessel is used, which overcome the variations in contrast(More)
The recognition and classification of objects in images is a emerging trend within the discipline of computer vision community. A general image processing problem is to decide the vicinity of an object by means of a template once the scale and rotation of the true target are unknown. Template is primarily a sub-part of an object that’s to be matched amongst(More)
Face recognition has the most relevance in real life issues of security, criminal investigation, and verification intention. Thus it has a broad range of applications. Three issues in the field of face recognition are: illumination variation, pose variation and more importantly expression variation which is the main focus of this paper. Human-Computer(More)