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Coping with the economic consequences of ill health in Indonesia.
We assess the economic risk of ill health for households in Indonesia and the role of informal coping strategies. Using household panel data from the Indonesian socio-economic household surveyExpand
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Effects of Decentralized Health-Care Financing on Maternal Care in Indonesia
We exploit variation in the design of subnational health-care financing initiatives in Indonesian districts to assess the effects of these local schemes on maternal care from 2004 to 2010. TheExpand
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Progress towards the development of a rapid analytical approach for separation of 226Ra using dibenzo-18-crown-6 ether functionalised silica (SiO2) disks
A novel dibenzo-18-crown-6 ether (DB-18CE-6)functionalised silica (SiO2) disk was found to be a capable source preparation technique for the rapid analysis of Ra by alpha-spectrometry. DB-18CE-6 wasExpand
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Sub-national health care financing reforms in Indonesia
Indonesia has seen an emergence of local health care financing schemes over the last decade, implemented and operated by district governments. Often motivated by the local political context andExpand
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Financial Consequences of Ill Health and Informal Coping Mechanisms in Indonesia
We assess the financial risk of ill health for households in Indonesia, the role of informal coping strategies, and the effectiveness of these strategies in smoothing consumption. Based on householdExpand
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The Impact of Migration on The Left-Behind Children in Indonesia
According to New Economics of Labor Migration, migration is understood as a household decision rather than an individual decision, and households decide to send one of its member to migrate based onExpand
Migration and the Incidence of Child Labor: Evidence From Indonesia
The primary aim of this paper is to examine the consequence of parents migration to working activities of their children in Indonesia. In order to do this, the method of Propensity Score MatchingExpand