Nil R. Bandyopadhyay

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A uniformly distributed array of micro test tubes and microbeakers is formed on a p-type silicon substrate with tunable cross-section and distance of separation by anodic etching of the silicon wafer in N, N-dimethylformamide and hydrofluoric acid, which essentially leads to the formation of macroporous silicon templates. A reasonable control over the(More)
Unipolar resistive switching (URS) is observed in isolated Si-SiO x core-shell nanostructures. I-V characteristics recorded by a conductive atomic force microscope tip show SET and RESET processes with self compliance behavior. Hopping of carriers through defect states in the high resistance state (HRS) and space charge limited conduction in the low(More)
Synthesis of hybrid core-shell nanostructures requires moderate lattice mismatch (<5%) between the materials of the core and the shell and usually results in the formation of structures with an atomically larger entity comprising the core. A reverse situation, where an atomically larger entity encapsulates a smaller atomic radius component having(More)
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