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Proteazlar (E.C. 3.4.X.X) proteinlerdeki peptid bağlarının hidrolizinden sorumlu enzimlerdir. Mikrobiyal proteazlar, etkide bulundukları bölge ve biyokatalitik mekanizmalarına göre sınıflandırılırlar. Bu proteazlar hücre beslenmesi, fizyolojisi, düzenlenmesi ve mikrobiyal patogenezde rol oynamaktadırlar. Toprak örneklerinden izole edilmiş 15 bakterinin(More)
The production of gibberellic acid by Aspergillus niger and the possibility of utilizing food industry waste and residues as the sources of carbon in media were investigated. Media prepared from molasses, vinasse, whey, sugar-beet waste and fruit pomace were used and GA3 yields were found in concentrations 310, 273.14, 120, 73, 118.13 mg/l in such media,(More)
A proteolytic bacterium was isolated from specimen collected from soil. The protease producing bacterium showed optimal growth in media with neutral pH and when incubated at 30 degrees C aerobically. According to the classification results, the gram (+), sporulating bacillus was a Bacillus genus member. Also some physiological properties of the isolated(More)
In this study, the potential use of the fungus Pleurotus sajor caju to remove phenols (i.e., phenol, o-chlorophenol, p-chlorophenol and 2,4,6-trichlorophenol) from aqueous solutions was evaluated. Biosorption of phenol or chlorophenols reached equilibrium in 4 h. The maximum adsorptions of phenol and chlorophenols onto the Pleurotus sajor caju were 0.95(More)
of degrading caprolactamwas isolated from soil and designated as RC-2. The performance of RC-2 in biodegradation of caprolactam was evaluated using free and immobilized bacterial cells (prepared using magnetically responsive gellan and alginate gels via ionotropic gelation) and biodegradability of caprolactamwas evaluated by cultivating them in a synthetic(More)
Pharmaceuticals are widely used for treating human and animal diseases. Naproxen [(S) 6-methoxy-α-methyl-2-naphthalene acetic acid] and its sodium salt are members of the α-arylpropionic acid group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Due to excessive usage of naproxen, this drug has been determined even in drinking water. In this study, four fungal(More)
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