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OBJECTIVES Narrow diameter implants (NDIs; diameter >3.75 mm) are useful in replacement of missing incisor teeth and when the bucco-lingual width of the edentulous crest is insufficient. The present study evaluated the success and survival rates, peri-implant parameters, mechanical and prosthetic post-loading complications of NDIs followed over a 10-year(More)
AIMS The objective of this randomised controlled trial was to compare the efficacy of two techniques for increasing the amount of keratinised mucosa around implants: free gingival grafts versus classic vestibuloplasty. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-four patients with 64 implants presenting keratinised mucosa <1.5 mm and showing signs of peri-implant(More)
OBJECTIVE It is a well-known fact that pulmonary function is altered in ankylosing spondylitis (AS) mainly due to the restriction of chest wall movements. The objective of this study was to investigate whether alterations in pulmonary function affected exercise capacity. METHODS Twenty male patients with definite AS and 20 age-matched healthy male(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to assess the effect of a one-bottle bonding agent on sealant success after 3, 6, 12, and 24 months. METHOD AND MATERIALS The sample group consisted of 30 schoolchildren (8 to 10 years of age) who had all their permanent first molars sound and unsealed. Occlusal sealants were placed on first molars according to a(More)
In this study the effects of agonist acting drugs (morphine sulphate, fentanyl citrate and meperidine hydrochloride) on nerve conduction were studied in 43 healthy young volunteers divided into four groups randomly. According to analgesic equivalent doses, the first group received 2 mg morphine sulphate, the second group 0.02 mg fentanyl citrate, the third(More)
Temporal-distance variables of gait were investigated in 8 female and 23 male hemiplegic patients in order to assess the distribution of these variables according to functional ambulation category and to evaluate their validity. Video-recording technique was used for obtaining the temporal-distance values. Velocity, step-time, stride length and stride(More)
individual. Bone density measurements and ultrasound have been shown to be independently predictive of hip fractures. In attempt to identify a particularly high risk group, who could be offered preventative therapy a group of patients were studied who already had suffered one hip fracture and were at risk of sustaining a second fracture. A group of 394(More)
AIM To assess the efficacy of quick-release lornoxicam (LNX) on patient-reported acute pain after dental implant surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study included subjects in good general health, aged 18 to 65 and scheduled to receive a maximum of three implants in the same quadrant. Participants received either 8 mg LNX or placebo and were asked to use(More)
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