Nikunj P. Dalal

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I f you belong to a commercial enterprise with a Web presence, how do you view your company’s home page? Frankly, your views do not matter. Like Richard Serra’s award-winning sculpture, which had to be removed from the New York City Federal Building in the face of public pressure, what really counts is what your audiences think about your home page. And we(More)
Academic integrity violations have become widespread and pervasive in the university. The manner in which we respond to such violations is important. The prevalent approaches based on procedures, policies, appeals, and sanctions are seen as inadequate and may often be viewed as punitive or disciplinary. Even if they may bring about desired changes in(More)
We describe the design and development of a user-oriented framework for process and performance modeling of next-generation enterprise systems. This work integrates and builds upon elements from four major areas: enterprise process modeling, distributed computing, modern accounting techniques, and engineering methods. Enterprise process modeling methods(More)
The authors outline trends in managing knowledge, introduce the emerging framework of knowledge governance, and expand its scope. The major approaches of classical knowledge management, distilled to cook-book definitions and consultant practices, are increasingly viewed as inadequate in addressing the growing complexity of information and knowledge flows in(More)