Nikos Tsikriktsis

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T paper investigates empirically antecedents of the adoption of web-based processes (e-processes) by service providers. We examine whether rational efficiency (expressed by expected performance benefits and access to new markets), the bandwagon effect (expressed by external pressure), and barriers (both internal and customer related) influence Internet use(More)
W study the impact of operational performance on profitability in the context of the U.S. domestic airline industry. In addition, we investigate the impact of focus [Skinner, W. 1974. The focused factory. Harvard Bus. Rev. 52(3) 113–121] on profitability in services. We use quarterly data on all major carriers, available since the introduction of required(More)
I the extensive literature on learning curves, scholars have ignored outcome measures of organizational performance evaluated by customers. We explore whether customer dissatisfaction follows a learning-curve pattern. Do organizations learn to reduce customer dissatisfaction? Customer dissatisfaction occurs when customers’ ex ante expectations about a(More)
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