Nikos Sgouros

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–Three-dimensional imaging applications require high resolution images that finally result in high data volumes. Due to bandwidth and storage restrictions, an efficient and robust compression scheme must be developed in order to overcome these limitations. This work presents a hardware implementation of a real-time disparity estimation scheme targeted but(More)
This paper presents a novel hardware implementation of a disparity estimation scheme targeted to real-time Integral Photography (IP) image and video sequence compression. The software developed for IP image compression achieves high quality ratios over classic methodologies by exploiting the inherent redundancy that is present in IP images. However, there(More)
We present a new approach for computer-generated integral photography (IP) based on ray tracing, for the reconstruction of high quality photorealistic 3-D images of increased complexity. With the proposed methodology, all the optical elements of a single-stage IP capturing setup are physically modeled for the production of real and virtual orthoscopic IP(More)
An efficient hardware architecture for the acceleration of an integrated 3D reconstruction method is presented, targeting demanding dynamic Integral Imaging applications. It exploits parallel processing and features minimized memory operations by implementing an extended-access memory scheme. Its reduced data throughput, thanks to optimized data(More)
Keywords: Three-dimensional Integral image Image reconstruction Image representation Autostereoscopy Architecture Real-time Hardware FPGA a b s t r a c t In this paper, we present a hardware architecture for real-time three-dimensional (3D) surface model reconstruction from Integral Images (InIms). The proposed parallel digital system realizes a number of(More)
Integral imaging is a promising technique for delivering high-quality three-dimensional content. However , the large amounts of data produced during acquisition prohibits direct transmission of Integral Image data. A number of highly efficient compression architectures are proposed today that outperform standard two-dimensional encoding schemes. However,(More)
Integral Imaging is a highly promising technique for delivering full parallax autostereoscopic images. A straightforward approach for producing high quality photorealistic Integral Images or Integral Image sequences is the use of Ray-Tracing techniques. However, Ray-Tracing tasks are time consuming and in most cases scene renderings greatly deviate from(More)