Nikos Samaras

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A non-binary Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) can be solved directly using extended versions of binary techniques. Alternatively, the non-binary problem can be translated into an equivalent binary one. In this case, it is generally accepted that the translated problem can be solved by applying well-established techniques for binary CSPs. In this paper(More)
Manufacturing and control procedures for automation requires many different technologies. In this paper, the design, construction, and operation of an autonomous mobile hydraulic press machine (RoboPress) are discussed. RoboPress automates the production of moulded concrete elements for architectural and building projects. The research demonstrates how the(More)
Preface Constraint Propagation is an essential part of many constraint programming systems. Sitting at the heart of a constraint solver, it consumes a significant portion of the time that is required for problem solving. The " First International Conference on Constraint Propagation and Implementation (CPAI'2004) " was convened to study the design and(More)
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