Nikos Pleros

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We present results from the first gridless networking field trial with flexible spectrum switching nodes and 620 km of installed fibre links. are generated, successfully transported and switched using flexible, custom spectrum allocation per channel. Spectrum defragmentation is demonstrated using integrated SOA-MZI wavelength converters. Results show(More)
—We demonstrate a Moving Extended Cell concept that provides seamless communication with high end-user mobility in broadband 60 GHz Radio-over-Fiber networks. Mathematical and simulation-based performance analysis are presented, showing that this technique can guarantee seamless connectivity irrespective of the overlapping area between adjacent cells(More)
—Digital optical logic circuits capable of performing bit-wise signal processing are critical building blocks for the realization of future high-speed packet-switched networks. In this paper, we present recent advances in all-optical processing circuits and examine the potential of their integration into a system environment. On this concept, we demonstrate(More)
With metal stripes being intrinsic components of plasmonic waveguides, plasmonics provides a "naturally" energy-efficient platform for merging broadband optical links with intelligent electronic processing, instigating a great promise for low-power and small-footprint active functional circuitry. The first active Dielectric-Loaded Surface Plasmon Polariton(More)
We present recent advances in multi-wavelength, power-equalized laser sources that incorporate a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) and simple optical filters, such as Lyot-type and Fabry-Perot, for comb generation. Both linear and ring-cavity configurations are presented, and single-pass optical feedback technique is proposed to improve the performance(More)