Nikos Papasarantopoulos

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Most extractive summarization methods focus on the main body of the document from which sentences need to be extracted. The gist of the document often lies in the side information of the document, such as title and image captions. These types of side information are often available for newswire articles. We propose to explore side information in the context(More)
We present the first prototype of the SUMMA Platform: an integrated platform for multilingual media monitoring. The platform contains a rich suite of low-level and high-level natural language processing technologies: automatic speech recognition of broadcast media, machine translation, automated tagging and classification of named entities, semantic parsing(More)
We describe a technique for structured prediction, based on canonical correlation analysis. Our learning algorithm finds two projections for the input and the output spaces that aim at projecting a given input and its correct output into points close to each other. We demonstrate our technique on a language-vision problem, namely the problem of giving a(More)
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