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—Global developments in wireless communications have shaped a novel, user-centric vision for the next generation of mobile systems and wireless access network broadly termed " 4G ". This widely accepted vision sketches a heterogeneous infrastructure comprising different wireless access systems in a complementary manner, where the user, supported by his/her(More)
A very important issue for the introduction of 3G networks, is the flexible and ubiquitous service provision. Basic factors for the achievement of this goal are the introduction of open interfaces for the service accessibility to network information and reconfigurability. This necessitates the introduction of a generic framework for the overall service(More)
The last decade of the 20 th century has been witness to remarkable technological developments in the area of wireless communication technologies. Following the commercial deployment – and subsequent worldwide success – of 2 nd generation mobile telecommunication systems, such as GSM, standardization bodies, industry partners and regulatory fora from around(More)
3rd generation mobile communication networks (3G) have been heralded as a paradigm shift that will irreversibly change the structure of the telecommunications industry. In an ideal "3G world", roaming users will be offered an abundance of value-added services typically developed by independent service providers. It is commonly recognized that the plethora(More)
In the emerging era of 3rd generation mobile communication networks, it is expected that operator differentiation in the market will highly depend on the advanced provision of value-added services, including the successful implementation of the Virtual Home Environment (VHE) concept. In this paper 1 , after discussing some issues critical to VHE(More)
The evolution of 3 rd generation mobile systems introduces a new era in advanced multimedia service provision to mobile users. The concepts of service adaptability, downloadability and network reconfigurability based on terminal and user profiles and capabilities are aspects to be considered in the context of future mobile systems and networks enabling new(More)
The success of next generation mobile networks is highly dependent on the availability of a plethora of functionality-rich applications, accessible via a variety of network infrastructures and terminals. This can be achieved through the cooperation of various business players in addition to network operators and infrastructure providers. The specification(More)
Die Online-Fachbuchhandlung beck-shop.de ist spezialisiert auf Fachbücher, insbesondere Recht, Steuern und Wirtschaft. Im Sortiment finden Sie alle Medien (Bücher, Zeitschriften, CDs, eBooks, etc.) aller Verlage. Ergänzt wird das Programm durch Services wie Neuerscheinungsdienst oder Zusammenstellungen von Büchern zu Sonderpreisen. Der Shop führt mehr als 8(More)
The evolution of mobile networks and systems to 3 rd generation and beyond is expected to create a telecommunication service provision model that differs considerably from existing paradigms. A new environment is envisioned, where a plethora of advanced, customisable applications, developed by multiple cooperating entities, will be ubiquitously accessible(More)