Nikos Georgis

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This paper is concerned with the accurate and robust estimation of the fundamental matrix. We show that, given a certain conditions, a basic linear algorithm can yield excellent accuracy, in cases two orders of magnitude better than sophisticated algorithms. The key element of the success is the accuracy and the statistical distribution of the errors of(More)
We describe a solution to the problem of stereo matching for non-coplanar points and wide angular separation of uncalibrated cameras. The image projections of four corresponding coplanar points, with no three collinear, are assumed to be known. The ‘virtual image’ that results by 2D warping of the first image towards the second one according to the(More)
The 3D image reconstruction method based on Projective Geometry is very attractive for practical applications because it does not require any camera calibration. It requires only the knowledge of at least 8 reference points defining two planes. We investigate here the sensitivity of the results of this method to the measurement errors in the positions of(More)
In this paper, we formulate the two-stage stock-cutting problem, according to which a set of rectangular pieces of prespecified dimensions are to be cut from an arbitrarily shaped object with arbitrarily shaped holes or defective regions. We show how mathematical morphological operators can be used in order to determine the optimal shifting for a given(More)
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