Nikos Bogonikolos

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With the explosive growth of Internet and the volume of information published on it, the search and retrieval of desired information has become practically impossible, if its source is not known in advance. This is the reason why search engines have been emerged, aiming to relieve the user from the “lost in hyperspace” feeling and the information overload.(More)
The new economy is the result of the information revolution that promotes the emergence of networked, ubiquitous and collaborative service provision. Furthermore, the globalisation of trade has increased the number of competitors, driving the need for federated and networked business models. In this paper we argue that next generation ASP models could(More)
The amount of structured information available in Internet sources is rapidly increasing. This information includes commercial databases on product information and information on e-services forming the so-called eshops. However, the process of using this information has become more complicated, and can sometimes be tedious for users with different goals,(More)
Many analysts believe that more and more organizations are looking to introduce e-learning as a way to solve critical business problems and as a vital component of an integrated approach to their training solutions. So we are introducing our next generation, e-learning grid platform to meet the evolving needs of the market, which include technology, content(More)
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