Nikos Baltas

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We present a new approach to software performance analysis that aims to extend conventional profiling with some of the predictive capabilities of a performance model. The idea is to execute programs in virtual time, which allows hypothetical time scaling of the constituent parts of an application to be explored in advance of any speculative redevelopment(More)
This paper argues that it is useful to divide the cyclical behavior of modern mixed capitalist economies into an expansion, upper turning period, recession and lower turning period. This characterization of the business cycle is more complicated than the one currently followed by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which identifies the peak and trough(More)
Blogging is yet another popular and prominent application in the era of Web 2.0. According to recent measurements often considered as conservative , as of now worldwide there are more than 152 million blogs with content spanning over every aspect of life and science, necessitating long term blog preservation and knowledge management. In this work, we(More)
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