Nikos Athanasakis

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Early phases of software development are known to be problematic, difficult to manage and errors occurring during these phases are expensive to correct. Many systems have been developed to aid the transition from informal Natural Language requirements to semi-structured or formal specifications. Furthermore, consistency checking is seen by many software(More)
Requirement analysis is the preliminary step in software development process. The requirements stated by the clients are analyzed and an abstraction of it, is created which is termed as requirement model. The automatic generation of UML diagram from natural language requirements is highly challenging and demanding very efficient methodology. Unified(More)
Molasses wastewater is a high strength effluent of food industry such as distilleries, sugar and yeast production plants etc. It is characterized by a dark brown color and exhibits a high content in substances of recalcitrant nature such as melanoidins. In this study, electrocoagulation (EC) was studied as a post treatment step for biologically treated(More)
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