Nikos Antonopoulos

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Traffic monitoring is a challenging task on crowded roads. Traditional traffic monitoring procedures are manual, expensive, time consuming and involve human operators. They are subjective due to the very involvement of human factor and sometimes provide inaccurate/incomplete monitoring results. Large scale storage and analysis of video streams were not(More)
Software mobile agents provide an efficient method for reducing data traffic and latency in mobile software applications. In this paper, we identify that current systems use two basic methods for facilitating a request for mobility. We define Mobility Patterns, and we argue that there are another 6 mobility patterns that can improve data traffic or latency(More)
The vast quantity of data contributed and consumed via the Internet provides an environment where Collective Intelligence (CI) can emerge. This article considers CI in relation to the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) paradigm, an environment that has the necessary conditions for the generation of large data sets through frequent peer interactions. We then examine the(More)
This paper discusses the technological characteristics and tools of web media companies in Greece. The study is comprised of twenty five web sites with the highest rank in Greece according to google rank and Thirty two criteria that evaluate the services, the satisfaction of the user and the quality of the information are being studied. The(More)
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