Nikoletta Karaiskou

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By taking advantage of a recently developed reference marker set for avian genome analysis we have constructed a gene-based genetic map of the collared flycatcher, an important "ecological model" for studies of life-history evolution, sexual selection, speciation, and quantitative genetics. A pedigree of 322 birds from a natural population was genotyped for(More)
Microsatellite loci comprise an important part of eukaryotic genomes. Their applications in biology as genetic markers are related to numerous fields ranging from paternity analyses to construction of genetic maps and linkage to human disease. Existing software solutions which offer pattern discovery algorithms for the correct identification and downstream(More)
DNA-based methodologies are increasingly used successfully to elucidate cases of misidentification of adult individuals of fish species with morphological similarities. However, the problem of misidentification can arise even earlier than adulthood, between congeneric and even distantly related species with similar morphology in the early developmental(More)
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