Nikoletta Adler

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 One hundred and eighty dihaploid clones used for protoplast fusions, and 144 tetraploid German potato cultivars were analysed for their cytoplasms using 11 homologous mt DNA-probes, and were classified as mitochondrial (mt) types α, β, γ, δ, and ɛ according to their RFLP patterns. From the 4x cultivars, 79 had the typical mt-type β of Solanum tuberosum(More)
An improved, Weinreb amide-based, synthesis of anti-trypanosomal lysine-containing vinyl sulfones is described incorporating, as a feature, diversity at the ε-lysine amino group. Members of this family demonstrated moderate to good efficacy as anti-trypanosomal agents and a fluorescent dansyl (19) derivative was used to investigate subcellular localisation(More)
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