Nikoleta Kotsina

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The interaction of toluene with strong asymmetric two-color laser irradiation of 40 fs duration is studied by means of Time of flight mass spectrometry. Highly energetic H2(+) and H3(+) fragment ions are produced through an isomerization process taking place within transient multiply charged parent ions. Comparative study of deuterium labeled toluene(More)
We report on the selective ionization of oriented nitrous oxide (N2O) molecules in gas phase by the use of an intense asymmetric two-color ω/2ω 40 fs laser field. By means of a time-of-flight mass spectrometer the induced N2O mass spectra have been recorded as a function of the relative phase of the two-color laser fields. It is found that the applied(More)
We report time-resolved photoelectron imaging studies of gas-phase pyrrole over the 267-240 nm excitation region, recorded in conjunction with a 300 nm probe. Of specific interest is the lowest-lying (3s/πσ*) state, which exhibits very weak oscillator strength but is thought to be excited directly at wavelengths ≤254 nm. We conclude, however, that the only(More)
We present a numerical modelling study employing a kinetic model based on rate equations to investigate the role of excited state lifetime and laser pulse duration on effective relative detection efficiency in time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy. The work begins to address the critical outstanding problem of photochemical branching ratio determination(More)
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