Nikolay Yankov

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Using a method for constructing self-dual codes having an auto-morphism of odd prime order, we classify up to equivalence all binary self-dual codes with an automorphism of order 11 with 6 cycles and minimum distance 12. This classification gives new [72, 36, 12] codes with weight enumerator that was previously not obtained as well as codes with new values(More)
The purpose of this paper is to complete the classification of binary self-dual [48, 24, 10] codes with an automorphism of odd prime order. We prove that if there is a self-dual [48, 24, 10] code with an automorphism of type p-(c, f) with p being an odd prime, then p = 3, c = 16, f = 0. By considering only an automorphism of type 3-(16, 0), we prove that(More)